I am a legal counsel and I have performed my profession since 2003 at the Legal Office of Monika Kozłowska. I have been dealing in legal services provided to Polish and foreign economic entities and natural persons. I have good knowledge of commercial law, civil law, companies’ law, labour law, copyrights, film law and industrial property law, as well as, real estate law and inheritance law.

I have extensive experience relating to recovery of receivables, founding and establishing of business activities in Poland, running and liquidating thereof, including also companies of foreign entities, as well as experience in the scope relating to the acquisition of enterprises in their entirety or their organized parts and in conducting their legal audits.

I provide legal assistance to Polish entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with foreign capital, in particular to production companies, companies conducting international trade, companies providing international transport services and companies conducting currency exchange services.

My clients include also representatives of the film industry, in particular actors, directors, screenwriters, directors of photography, composers and scenographers whom I represent in cooperation with film agents during negotiations and execution of film production contracts.

I have also gained experience in the matters related to the purchase and sale of real estate in Italy and in matters related to running business in Italy. I have been cooperating with Italian real estate agents and Italian law firms in this scope.

As part of services provided, I assist Polish entrepreneurs to introduce their products to Italy through broadly understood cooperation with Italian agents and sales representatives. Furthermore, I provide assistance to Italian entities in introducing their goods or services to the Polish market.

In October 2023, I was entered into the list of Recommended Arbitrators for creative market and culture of the Arbitration Court at Lewiatan Confederation.

I am a creative, disciplined person, open to cooperation and new experiences. I have a sense of organization, I can plan and visualize set goals. While working, I am highly committed, independent, accurate and effective.

In my free time, I practice sports and travel, mainly to Italy, which, due to its immense beauty and countless cultural, culinary and landscape values, as well as social attractions, I still consider undiscovered.